Master Online Sales Without Prior Experience:

The 'Roadmap to Riches' Journey

A step-by-step guide to financial freedom, proven to work!

A little about us...

We are Hannah and Justin, the faces behind Flint Official. We have three daughter's and are expecting another one in August. Our journey into the world of Master Resell Rights was driven by our desire to create a lifestyle that prioritized quality family time over everything

After going through some hardships in our marriage, a traumatic injury with our daughter, and unxpected death of a family member, we needed a big change. Embarking on this journey has been such a fun challenge, The real victory for us, lies in our ability to balance our work with our family life.

Now, through Flint Official, we're sharing our knowledge and experiences, hoping to empower others on their journey towards mastering resell rights. Our story serves as a reminder that you DO NOT NEED EXPERIENCE, and with dedication, the right skills, you can achieve ANYTHING you dream to.